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Faydalı Bilgiler

Scale (water) : Œ A combination of mineral salts and bacterial accumulation that sticks to the inside of a collection pipe under certain conditions. Scale, in extreme growth circumstances, creates additional friction loss to the flow of water. Scale may also accumulate on surfaces other than pipes.  The marked plate against which an indicator or recorder reads, usually the same as the range of the measuring system. See RANGE.
Hydrated Lime (water) : Limestone that has been "burned" and treated with water under controlled conditions until the calcium oxide portion has been converted to calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). Hydrated lime is quicklime combined with water. CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2. Also called slaked lime. Also see QUICKLIME.
PASAJ : İki yanında dükkanlar bulunan örtülü yaya geçidi.
Askıya almak: Bir binada dengeyi tehlikeye koyacak şekilde onarım yapılırken o binayı dikme ve payandalarla desteklemek.