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Faydalı Bilgiler

Scale (water) : Œ A combination of mineral salts and bacterial accumulation that sticks to the inside of a collection pipe under certain conditions. Scale, in extreme growth circumstances, creates additional friction loss to the flow of water. Scale may also accumulate on surfaces other than pipes.  The marked plate against which an indicator or recorder reads, usually the same as the range of the measuring system. See RANGE.
Walers (water) : Horizontal shoring members, usually square, rough cut timber, that are used to hold solid sheeting, braces or vertical shoring members in place. Also called STRINGERS.
SAHANLIK : Binalarda kapı önünde, merdiven başlarında veya ortasında genişçe düzlük.
Taslak: Bir şeyin henüz kesin biçim almamış durumu, eskiz.